There are several reasons. A few of them might surprise you.

  • The Front Range is growing rapidly. Traffic to Denver is getting heavier and more unpredictable. The true cost and time commitment of flying from Denver is getting much steeper. Improving air service in Cheyenne will mean easier check in, faster security, free parking, and less stress. And it will mean a lower true cost of travel.
  • Even now Cheyenne’s airport supports over 1,000 local jobs, contributes over $2 million in tax revenue and over $156 million in economic output. Now, imagine what might happen as we invest a bit more in air service. The positive impact will be great and life-changing. • Air service is one of the first things businesses looking to move or do business in Cheyenne ask about. And it’s the first question we hear from convention business. The need for air service is a matter of connectivity. It’s about how much connection our region has to the rest of the country and the world. Air service is critical business infrastructure. Our economy depends on access—both to and from Cheyenne.
  • When added to our location at the crossroads of two highways, air service connects Cheyenne to more. More affordable travel options. More visits to and from loved ones. More opportunity for businesses. More alternatives to driving to Denver. More ways to start trips from Cheyenne.
  • Finally, there’s the feeling of independence. We’re a capital city. We enjoy a great way of life here.
  • Air service means having our own set of keys. It means freedom. It doesn’t get any more Cheyenne and Wyoming than that.

More than we have now.

  • This is like asking “how much economic opportunity do we need?” We’re a capital city in one of the best regions of the country. We’re in a position to have more economic opportunity for our loved ones and ourselves. And we’re going to do it in the Wyoming way. Connected to the Front Range and the world. But also distinctive and independent from it.

There are rational, dollars-and-cents reasons. And emotional reasons. Both are compelling.

  • You can’t separate Cheyenne Regional Airport from Cheyenne and the region. The more the airport benefits from private and commercial traffic, the more the city and the region will benefit.
  • Private and commercial flights that take off and land here bring in revenue through fees. Air service grows our bottom line, which we then put into the community.
  • As it stands now, CYS supports over 1,000 local jobs, contributes a little over $2 million in tax revenue and over $156 million in economic output. We don’t even have much commercial air service at the moment. The more we can make from new air service, the more we will invest in the community.
  • Let’s consider a few emotional benefits… We love flight and we love all the possibilities air service brings. Flight was pioneered and perfected in America. It’s part of the American way of life.
  • The sense of independence that made people want to fly is the same mentality that lives on in Cheyenne and Wyoming. If we’re going to be a capital city that can saddle its own horses, we need air service.

The Cheyenne Regional Airport is this region’s best-kept secret.

  • Even now our airport supports over 1,000 local jobs, contributes a little over $2 million in tax revenue and over $156 million in economic output. Now imagine what will happen as we invest in air service. The impact will be extraordinary and life-changing.
  • Emotionally, air service means both connection and independence. Air service connects us to opportunity. And it gives us the key infrastructure and resources to build the future we want for our loved ones and ourselves.

Next to a skilled workforce, air service is the biggest question employers have.

  • Airports are now considered critical infrastructure. Employers want air service for the business development it enables. Employees want air service because it connects them to the people and things they care about. More visits to and from loved ones. More opportunity for travel. More ways to explore. The list of benefits goes on.
  • Without air service, employers and employees feel isolated. They’ll likely be lured by a town nearby that has better air service.

Air service is essential to the strength and vitality of all of our major institutions.

  • Air service leads to direct and indirect investment in the community. Air service contributes over $2 million in revenue that supports education and business development. Air service supports over 1,000 local jobs and contributes over $156 million in economic output. Air service grows the Cheyenne legend and brand. And it positions us and all of these institutions for the 21st century.
  • Air service brings in economic development. It helps attract new businesses and makes the job and mission of LEADS easier.
  • Air service connects everyone at these organizations to more: more choices, more customers, more students, more opportunity, more revenue.
  • Perhaps most enduringly, air service affects the way the community and these organization perceive themselves. Air service makes this a place we can be even more proud of. Air service connects all of us to the independent character that makes Cheyenne and Wyoming special.

Air service means more and better choices in our leisure.

  • Imagine a vacation where you don’t leave for DIA 6 hours before your flight. Imagine no traffic and free parking. Imagine 10 person TSA lines. And consider this: the true cost of flying out of Cheyenne to new destinations will be less when you consider time, parking and travel expenses. Improving travel to and from Cheyenne – and improving the overall travel experience – is something that we’re devoted to making a reality
  • When leisure travelers have a new way to get to Cheyenne and the Front Range with Cheyenne air service, they’re going to bring more money into our town and local economy.
  • Leisure is critical to our quality of life. With more air service options, we’ll have more ways to begin our vacation and welcome visitors. We’ll have more ways to connect with loved ones.
  • For us to be a place where the spirit of the west lives on, we need choices and freedom in our leisure. Air service is an indispensable part of the Wyoming way of life.

There are rational and emotion reasons that are equally compelling.

  • The economic benefits of the airport are many. With more (and more reliable) air service we can expect to see rental car business in town triple or more. That translates to a lot of people spending a lot more money here. By one major hotel’s estimation, improved air service will double or triple their convention business. This will have obvious benefits for the entire business community. Air service is essential business infrastructure.
  • Look at Jackson. We’re never going to be exactly like them. Nor do we want to be. But their business community has found there are many benefits to investing in the airport. With the business community behind air service we’ll get more flights to and from more places in the country than Denver. And we’re all going to benefit economically. Civic duty and pride. We’re a capital city on the northern edge of one of the fastest-growing regions of the entire country. This new air terminal is a great opportunity to strengthen our community.

It’s what airlines want to see.

  • Air carriers want evidence of community involvement and support. The very decision by the community to build a terminal is a great start for us.
  • This doesn’t have to be a chore. Once community and business engagement is established, it will gather momentum.